For a lot of us, once the temperature reaches a certain point our fishing gear and our fishing stories go into hibernation for a while. Not for the four guys behind the SVS Fishing podcast. They fish and talk about it year-round.

Every Sunday you'll find Chad, Jace, Jayson, and Mark huddled around a phone and a speaker with microphones plugged in talking fishing.

"It's the most fun part of the week," said Chad Bauer from West Middlesex. "Fishing is fun. But this is more fun because we get to recap it and put a punchline to it."

Three years ago they started the Shenango Valley Shenanigans podcast which over time shortened down to "SVS Fishing."

The group of four has changed a bit, but the idea is always the same, four guys talking about their favorite hobby with a heavy dose of laughter.

"The safety is off. It's fair game for everybody," said Jace Shank from Masury.

"We've all at some point, I know myself starting fly fishing, wanted that group of guys you could share everything with. The best way to do it is knowledge, being on the water, and having people to work with," said Mark Burns from Hermitage. "We get to do it every week. We all get to talk about it, share our information."

And they're not only sharing with each other, but with a worldwide audience. When the podcast started picking up steam, national guests starting hopping on board with everyone from guides to rod builders fly tyers; anyone who can give someone an edge.

"We're getting to talk to people we look up to. And we're learning a lot from them. We're sharing a lot of ideas with them. So a lot of what we do has gotten better because of our guests," said Burns, who also owns a fly tying company in Hermitage called Urban Fly Company.

"We get tyers from all across the whole world," said Jayson Thompson from West Middlesex. "It's fun to fish their flies and even take some of the ideas you get off their flies and incorporate it into something you tie."

But no matter where the guests are from, the focus is always right here at home.

"Around western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio there is something to do. You can always get out. Whether you're out scouting or out actually casting a line, getting your fingers slimy with fish there's always something to do," said Bauer.

And always four guys, every Sunday, making sure they tell you about it.

If you want to check them out, you can find SVS Fishing on or iTunes, or catch up with them on Facebook and Instagram.