A Valley businessman who was invited to celebrate Donald Trump's inauguration is now concerned about the President's threat to impose $300 billion penalties on Chinese imports, according to the Washington Post.

Bruce Zoldan, Chief Executive of the Youngstown-based Phantom Fireworks, told the Post that it's virtually impossible for his company's products to made anywhere else but in China and if the tariffs are imposed, “it'll be the greatest threat to our industry.”

According to an article posted by reporter Taylor Telford, Zoldan met with White House officials last Wednesday and is planning to make a formal request next month seeking to exempt fireworks manufacturers from tariffs.

According to its website, Phantom Fireworks was founded 40 years ago and has grown to become the country's number one consumer based fireworks retailer.

In January 2017, Zoldan was invited to Trump's inauguration party in Washington.