The Youngstown School Board is deciding if they'll place a renewal levy on the November ballot.

Officials met with the community Sunday evening and told them the levy would provide upgraded technology and other services that the students have not been able to receive outside of school.

The 10.8 mill levy would generate almost $5 million each year.

Residents would continue paying the same in property taxes since this is a renewal, a total of $286.13 a year if you had a $75,000 home. 

However, school board members said that if the levy didn't get put on the ballot, the district would still survive.

"The school district can survive. We do have enough funds. There's about $128 million that's coming in. What we actually need to do is focus on a budget, and we can survive whether there's a budget or not," said member Corrine enough.

Sanderson said although they are not hurting for money, there are duplicate positions under the CEO that make $100,000 a year that she said could be eliminated.

The school district could also combine their after-school programs into just one. 

Representative Don Manning also said $13 million comes from former Governor John Kasich and has for the past five years. 

The school board will have to decide if the renewal levy gets put on the ballot within the next couple of months.