If you see soldiers parachuting over the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport today, there's no need for concern.

The Air Force Reserve's 910th Airlift Wing is scheduled to conduct a paratrooper airdrop training mission at the Youngstown Air Reserve Station on Friday, June 21, 2019.

A C-130H Hercules, assigned to the 910th and flown by a crew of Reserve Citizen Airmen is scheduled to drop the first group of approximately 40 paratroopers at noon onto the drop zone located on the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport airfield.

The aircraft will pick up the Ohio Army National Guard paratroopers mid-morning in the Columbus area and return to the Youngstown Air Reserve Station to complete the airdrop mission.

While the 910th conducts these type of training missions regularly at various locations across the globe, it is a rarity that they occur here.

This mission allows the 910th a chance to highlight an aspect of one of its dual missions which is to use the C-130 Hercules tactical cargo aircraft to deliver personnel and materials by airdrop and air-land techniques.

The 910th's airlift missions have delivered vital supplies to war fighters in Afghanistan, Iraq, across Europe and the Middle East as well as crucial humanitarian cargo to locations around the globe.

The 910th's other primary mission is maintaining the Department of Defense's only large-area, fixed wing aerial spray capability.