A Lawrence County father sat down today to remember his son.

"He was my life. I keep getting choked up every time I talk like this," said Mark Mason, Sr.

His son, eight-year-old Mark Mason, Jr., was fatally stabbed late Monday night inside of a Union Township home.

At least two other juveniles, including Mason's younger brother, witnessed the stabbing.

His mother's boyfriend, Keith Burley, a convicted murderer that was released on parole only three months ago, was arrested in connection with the stabbing.

"I warned her. I said if you want to date him, that's fine, but just keep him away from my kids. He just got out of prison in March for murder," said Mason, Sr.

Seven-year-old Matthew Mason was a witness to the gruesome stabbing. His father says that he needs to be remembered.

"He told me Markey told him to run while he was fighting Keith, and Matthew threw a chair at him and ran," Mason, Sr. said.

Matthew ran a half mile for help and made the call to 911.

"Seven-year-old kid, 11 o'clock at night, so brave and I was never turned around. Do you know he's a hero? Both my boys are heroes," said Mason, Sr.

As Mason, Sr. grieves one child, he held the other tight, thankful that he ran and got away. "If he wouldn't of ran, I believe he would have killed both my boys."