Reverend Morris Lee, the pastor of Third Baptist Church, is being remembered for leaving a lasting legacy.
Reverend Lewis Macklin said, "Dr. Lee was noble in his disposition, compassionate in his behaviors, very understanding, very nurturing and supportive and also very engaging. When you say Pastor Morris Lee, the first thing you think of is scholarly but human touch."
Macklin added, "Lee talked me into changing my career to reaching the living and teaching the word of God to help save souls. Lee earned the moniker Dean of Youngstown for 60 years of serving our Lord. He was passionate about civil rights and working through non-violence to make important social changes to improve lives. He walked with Dr. Martin Luther King. He was never for self-promotion but always for the betterment of the community."
Pastor Roy Jordan said, "We should all talk with our elderly pastors and listen and learn. Lee was a historian. He knew so much about Valley history; it is incredible. Lee taught me that I put my congregation before myself. I have to be a spiritual leader of a group of people, and I have to be a spiritual man. He embraced Christ, and he showed the love of Christ to everybody. We all know we have to walk that road, but when we see the generation that is leaving now, we should gain all the wisdom we can from their knowledge. They can give us a wealth of wisdom you don't get out of books. We have to start talking with our older pastors about history. There is so much to lose when people are gone. We lost a historian and a man of God who served our community. Pastor Lee is known beyond Youngstown for his teaching and beliefs. He was a man of deep spiritual integrity."
Macklin added, "Lee was very skillful in how he was able to engage others to see the better vision. He has earned his reward, and I believe that heaven is certainly richer. We have been enriched by his presence. His absence, even though it is long felt, we know that it will be memorialized because of the many changes and practices he extolled while he was alive."