The storms on Sunday put a damper on the events underway at the Brier Hill Italian Festival.

Around 7:30 p.m., people were running for cover, and the power was knocked out when the heavy winds and rain rolled through.

"It got really windy. It got real dark. It almost blew the tent down. We had to hold the one pole," said attendee Gayle Hite.

The 28th annual festival continued in the Brier Hill neighborhood on Youngstown’s north side even with the lights out and some tents left on the ground.  

Organizers say it was a big blow as this was their last night for the festival with around 1,000 people in attendance. 

The closing performers set to take the stage that night couldn't go on because of the weather. 

The storm also sent a tree crashing into a Warren home, leaving the portion of a family's roof crushed on Carlton Drive.

"The whole right side of my home is gone, and it's coming through down to the basement," homeowner Jennifer Beachler said. 

The family says their daughter's room is now gone. They say they're really lucky as she just returned to college less than a week ago. 

"She spends a lot of time up in her room. She left four days ago. Her bed is gone," Beachler said.

After the storm, many people joined in to help clean up.

Neighbors in the area say the wind picked up so quickly. They never expected all of this to happen.  

"It looked to me like there were some swirls, some rotation, maybe a small tornado, maybe just straight-line wind. It's hard to say. But the wind definitely changed direction right before all the trees came down," said resident Gabriel Cole. 

In Austintown, a 21 News viewer sent us the video below of the clouds swirling there.