After a much-talked-about shift in policy last year, a major sporting goods chain could be taking it one step further.

Dick's Sporting Goods is looking into ending sales of all firearms in its stores, after pulling assault rifles from shelves last year after the Parkland school shooting.

The decision made waves in both the political and the business world and caused similar businesses to re-evaluate these types of decisions.

President and brand strategist at the Prodigal Company, Jeff Hedrich, talked about how so-called "retail activism" is shaping where companies are placing these ads.

"Let's say you, and I go to a party, and someone brings up President Trump. You know if you talk about Trump one way or the other it's going to cause divisiveness. So no matter who you are, if you're Dick's CEO, this issue is fraught with dangers." said Hedrich. 

Walmart is also among the major retailers facing pressure to end gun sales after recent mass shootings.