On Saturday, The Warren Trumbull Public Library and the Trumbull County Combined Health District hosted the bike fest.

The bike fest was held to educate children on how to ride the bike safely and to provide students with safety equipment. 

The Trumbull County Health District Health Educator, Jenna Amerine, gives some tips to those who may have questions about how to apply safety gear to children. 

"The big thing with the helmet is you want to make sure that it is at the middle of the forehead, its not slouched back and its not covering the eyes, that's really the right size for the helmet, as well as the straps when they come down you should be able to open your jaw," says Amerine. 

Amerine added that children should be wearing reflective bands at night so drivers will be able to see them. 

The event provided children with bike maintenance checks, a bicycle helmet giveaway, free bicycle-themed books, and a reflective arm or leg band.