For the first time since anyone can remember, beginning tonight Canfield fairgoers will be able to enjoy a glass of beer as they watch shows at the grandstand.

The Canfield Fair Board of Directors has approved the sale of beer at all grandstand entertainment events at this year’s fair.

Sales will begin at tonight’s Demolition Derby and will be offered throughout the remainder of the evening grandstand entertainment at designated trailers within the grandstand.

According to a news release, nearly one-third of all Ohio county fairs offer alcohol sales.

“In response to increasing requests from our customers — the fairgoers — the board, after extensive research and investigation, approved this service. We’ve seen other fairs adopt similar measures with much success and we believe it will be a welcome addition for those attending grandstand entertainment,” said Dave Dickey, Canfield Fair Board President.

Beer sales will only be available to those with a ticket to an evening grandstand event and will be sold and consumed within the grandstand.

“Today’s concertgoers have come to expect beer sales at events, and it’s up to us to keep up with the times and acknowledge how we can make their fair experience all that they could expect,” said George Roman, Canfield Fair Board Member, and Grandstand Director. He added, “We’ve studied how other fairs have approached their sales, and we’re working with our security team to make sure the fair remains a family-friendly environment, while still offering this amenity.”

Remaining grandstand attractions include Saturday's truck and tractor pull, Sunday's performance of Pentatonix, and Monday's show with comedian Gabriel Iglesias.