Negotiations between General Motors and the International United Autoworkers could intensify this week. Their current contract is set to expire Saturday at 11:59 p.m.

UAW leaders at the helm of those negotiations have already called union leaders to meet with them in Detroit the following day.

It's not clear what exactly union officials will discuss on Sunday. That all depends on what happens at midnight on Saturday. 

There are only three options. Either GM and the UAW agree to a contract extension; there is a proposed tentative agreement, or the UAW strikes.

Either way, our focus remains the same. What does this mean for the future of GM Lordstown?

Two auto analysts reporter Danielle Cotterman sat down with at the beginning of negotiations in Detroit both suspect that an agreement will not be reached as the contract expires on Saturday.

"I feel there will be an extension so that they can negotiate further," said Peter Delorenzo with Auto Extremist.

And while DeLorenzo doesn't believe the international union will call for a strike, John McElroy with Autoline Daily thinks a strike is a real possibility, but he said the sticking point wouldn't be Lordstown and the other unallocated plants.

"With the total UAW membership, in all the different plants across the county, for GM in this case, what they're really focusing on is

1) Job security.

2) Protection of their benefits.

3) Higher wages, base wages.

So, of course, there is a lot of empathy and sympathy for Lordstown, it's going to be those other three things they're really focused on," said McElroy.

Local UAW 1112 President Tim O'Hara and Shop Chairman Dan Morgan are among those who will meet with union negotiators on Sunday.

"For what yet, we don't know. It could be to vote on a new contract, it could be to prepare for a strike," said O'Hara. "For Lordstown, the news we want to receive is that we're going to get a new product and be allocated again."

O'Hara said while many local UAW members have accepted transfers to other GM plants, about 450 members severed ties from GM and have remained here in the valley by finding different work. He also noted about 150 members remain here on disability or some kind of sick leave.

We will continue to follow developments from Detroit in the coming days.