An infant in New Castle is lucky to be alive after bullets pierced her family's home Monday morning.

Police say the shooting happened around 4 a.m.

At least nine bullets struck the home on Finch Street.

Officers say one of the bullets was about two feet away from the baby.

A bullet also hit the family's car.

Police say it may have been a case of mistaken identity allegedly connected to a bar fight from the previous night.

"Literally all I woke up to was hearing gunshots and glass breaking. I looked over and saw a bullet hole inside the TV, so I rolled off the couch and rolled over to her and grabbed her. I put her up against the couch and hoped nothing else was coming through or if anything else came through," said Ronald Baughman, the father of the baby girl.

It's believed the shooting suspect though the person he was looking for still lived there but moved out a few years ago.