Senators Sherrod Brown and Pat Roberts have introduced a bipartisan bill to encourage investment in biodigester systems while creating a market for farmers who already have a surplus of waste materials that can be used for biogas production.

The Agricultural Environmental Stewardship Act is designed to expand the market for biogas by providing a 30 percent investment tax credit to tackle the costs of building biodigester systems.

According to the release, farmers have a surplus of organic materials like manure, food scraps, wastewater solids and liquids that could be used to produce biogas that could make produce heat, electricity, fuel and more.

The release says the initiative would also reduce runoff that could impact water in communities.

"Ohio farmers are struggling to safely dispose of livestock waste that could be used for renewable energy," said Sen. Brown. "This legislation will encourage investment in the technology needed to convert these waste materials into natural gas that can be used to power households and businesses across the country."

The bill is supported by the American Biogas Council, the American Farm Bureau, and the Ohio Farm Bureau.

"We applaud Senator Brown for looking for proactive policy solutions for Ohio's farmers. Having policies that support biodigesters helps promote on-farm technology and gives farmer's another positive tool in advancing water quality solutions," said Adam Sharp, Executive Vice President of the Ohio Farm Bureau.