After nearly a year of being implemented, the State of Ohio is facing its first medical marijuana recall.

In June 2016, former Ohio Governor John Kasich signed House Bill 523 to legalize medical marijuana in Ohio. 

The program was finally implemented in January 2019 but is now experiencing its first recall. 

The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program issued a product recall advisory on Friday for Pineapple Express Rosin made by One Orijin.

The product was recalled due to its development using a "non-compliant process."

The MMCP does not have any current reports of adverse reactions to the product.

The following product IDs are being recalled from any purchase date:

     M00000038808: Sol Vap 62.3 - 12.6 - 5
     M00000039812: Sol Vap 59.8 - 0.025 - 5
     M00000036317: Sol Vap 45.85 - 47.44 - 10
     M00000036932: Sol Vap 48.79 - 50.59 - 10
     M00000037232: Sol Vap 68.8 - 0.18 - 5
     M00000038319: Sol Vap 40.7 - 46.8 - 10

The MMCP advises unused products should be taken back to the dispensary and will not count toward a patient's 90-day possession limit.

If you are experiencing any adverse reactions, call MMCP's helpline (1-833-464-6627).