Boardman police are investigating a shooting in the Township Tuesday morning.

Police say the shooting happened around 12:10 a.m. on Glenwood Avenue near the Newport Glen Apartment Complex.

According to the police report, officers were in the area after receiving a call for an unrelated fight. While waiting for another officer, the officer on scene heard six gun shots coming from the wooded area on the west side of Glenwood Avenue.

The officer requested back up and then heard a man screaming. The officer moved toward the 4000 block of Glenwood Avenue when he saw a man run out from a side yard onto the street.

Reports say the 20-year-old male victim told the officer that he had been shot in the head and ran toward the police cruiser.

The officer reported that the victim was holding his head and neck area. The officers asked for a description of the suspect and were told that the suspect was in a silver truck when he shot at the victim while he was inside his car.

Reports say the victim told police that he did not know the suspect at that time.

Officers were able to see the victims wounds and described one as a 'grazing' wound to his neck and another possible wound near his head and neck area.

A Mill Creek police officer was also on scene and reported hearing the shots near the Devonshire Drive entrance.

The area was blocked off between West Midlothian to Glenwood Avenue and to the entrance of Devonshire Drive.

The victim was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Youngstown for treatment.

Boardman officers searched the area of the shooting and found damage to the victim's car caused by the shots fired at him. They were unable to find any shell casings in the area.

Police say the victim was in stable condition at the time of the report.