An angler from Erie, Pennsylvania, now has the record for the biggest Brown Trout ever caught in the state.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission reports that 68-year-old Robert Ferraro pulled a 20-pound, 9-ounce Brown Trout from Lake Erie last month.  The 34-inch long fish beats the previous record by 11 ounces.

Ferraro and his friends set out in a boat east of the Walnut Creek Marina that morning looking for steelhead when he hooked a fish that pulled out fifty feet of line.

After a ten-minute fight, Ferraro and his crew were able to land the monster trout.

"It was a huge thrill to catch such a big fish, but we didn't know exactly what it was at first.  We suspected it was a Brown Trout," recalls Ferraro. "We know they're in here, but the biggest ones I've caught before were around 12 pounds, and this fish was over 20 pounds.  It had a very dark back and some silver coloring on the body that made us question what it was for a minute.  We knew if it was a Brown Trout, it had a great chance to be a record."

PFBC Fisheries Biologist Mark Haffley estimates that the trout was six or seven years old.

Since 2009, the PFBC has stocked approximately 100,000 fingerlings Brown Trout annually into Lake Erie tributaries and Presque Isle Bay to enhance the quality near-shore fishery. 

The Brown Trout are spawned at the Linesville State Fish Hatchery in Crawford County and raised at other PFBC hatcheries and cooperative nurseries.