A Youngstown native and local businesswoman has earned her spot on the Forbes Billionaires of 2021 list.

Denise DeBartolo-York and her family have a net worth of $3.5 Billion.

They own more than 90 percent of the San Francisco 49ners, the NFL's fifth-most valuable team.

York's father, Edward Debartolo Sr. bought the football team for $13 million in 1977. It is now worth that $3.5 billion.

York took control of the 49ers in 2001 from her brother, Edward Jr., who found himself in legal trouble after owning the team for 23 years.

Denise and her husband John have four children, the oldest of whom, Jed, serves as the current CEO of the 49ers.

Her husband John, a pathologist, founded DeYor Laboratories in Youngstown before selling to Corning.