On Thursday May 20 and Friday May 21, Mayor Tito Brown and the City of Youngstown will be hosting a summit, featuring breakout sessions for city council members, department heads, community partners, neighborhood groups, and local businesses who will discuss where American Rescue Plan money is needed the most.

The city is also asking residents, business owners located within the city, and other stakeholders to complete the Youngstown american rescue plan survey on the city's website, or linked here to give your input on where the money should be spent.

Data gathered from this survey will be used to inform the City's spending plan.

The mayor discussed what he is looking for in those who fill out the survey.

"I want everyone's input. Those who believe that there's opportunities that we can use this legacy funds for," said Mayor Brown. "I want them to really chime in and I wanna listen and have input so that when we kick off all the recommendations and then we give it to council for recommendation of things we believe are in the guidelines that we can spend the dollars on...we have online surveys, but we're also bringing in many of our community partners, agencies, operational, individuals with contracts we're working with to bring them in to really make it a team effort."