In partnership with Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation and the Idora Neighborhood Association, Youngstown Councilwoman Lauren McNally plans to install 25 security cameras throughout the Idora neighborhood of Youngstown.

The cameras would go on people's homes and some businesses to have a 24/7 recording of the streets within the neighborhood.

"The residents of the Idora neighborhood have always been a proactive group of residents," McNally said. "They were willing to participate in this 'out of the box' idea of installing security cameras in the neighborhood. Just to be another set of eyes."

McNally told 21 News she received complaints about there not being enough patrolman in the area and says this is an added tool for Youngstown Police to use when needed.

"We don't have the bodies on the streets in terms on police officers, but these cameras can help aid that," McNally said.

People living on streets like Lanterman Avenue told McNally they fully support implementing these cameras throughout the Idora neighborhood and say they'd feel safer while at home.

"The structures that they'll be on, the owners of those won't actually have access to the cameras," Lauren explained. "The footage will automatically be controlled by the Idora Park Neighborhood Association. If there is an incident in the area that requires police to investigate, they'll be able to access the footage whenever they need."