The City of Youngstown has partnered with Service Line Warranties of America (SLWA) to offer service line protection for homeowners.

This coverage is voluntary and is available at monthly, quarterly or annual costs. According to Youngstown's Water Commissioner, Harry L. Johnson III, many homeowners do not know that damage to service lines on their property are their responsibility to repair. 

"In the event of a service line emergency, the homeowner is responsible for scheduling the repair and covering the associated cost. As Youngstown homes age along with the infrastructure serving them, SLWA repair plans provide homeowners with an optional piece of mind solution so they can be better prepared in the event of these unexpected repairs," Johnson said.

The SLWA Service Line Warranty Program protects against damage to pipes on homeowners' property, as damage to these pipes are not covered by the city, nor basic homeowner's insurance.

If a customer's line is in need of repair, they can call the SLWA 24-hour hotline to have a local licensed contractor dispatched to their home. There are no service fees or deductibles.

The program is voluntary for Youngstown residents and provided at no cost to the city of Youngstown and no public funds are being used to promote or administer the program.

"Our service plans not only cover the cost of the repair; they also provide homeowners with reputable, local contractors who will do the best possible job," said SLWA parent HomeServe USA CEO, Tom Rusin.

To enroll in this voluntary program, contact SLWA at 866-922-9006 or visit SLWA's website.