A 66-year-old Struthers man faces felony charges after allegedly assaulting a police officer last Thursday.

Joseph Czap was seen in a gold mini-van by a Struthers police officer who believed there was a warrant out for Czap's arrest, reports said. The officer said he pulled the mini-van over outside of a nearby housing authority before Czap exited the vehicle at a rapid pace. Officials report that Czap did not comply with commands to stop and instead walked towards the housing authority.

According to reports, the officer caught Czap and noticed a small bag in his hands. Czap allegedly ate a white powder from inside of the bag before struggling with the officer.

A police report detailed that Czap and the officer got into a physical altercation. The officer said he attempted to use his taser on Czap, but it did not deploy correctly.

Czap continued fleeing before another office fired their taser and struck Czap.

Struthers police later took the bag Czap ate from in for testing and determined it was methamphetamine.

Officers arrested Czap and he was later booked into the Mahoning County Jail. He faces three felony charges for assault, tampering with evidence and possession of drugs. He also was charged with two other misdemeanors.

Czap was taken to St. Elizabeth's Hospital to receive treatment and was still under medical care Monday afternoon. 

Police said that the mini-van's operator drove off during the altercation. Struthers officials know the driver's identity but have not yet named them a suspect.