A Youngstown man has been arrested nearly one month after he allegedly got behind the wheel of his truck and hit a mechanic.

Lamar Adams, 41, reportedly went to Precision Automotive and Custom in Girard on February 22 to pick up his Ford F-250 after getting work done to the vehicle. A witness told Girard police that Adams was discussing the total cost of the work he had done with a mechanic. The witness said that Adams was told he could not take the truck off of Precision's property until he paid. 

According to police, Adams left the body shop and got inside his truck. A mechanic followed after Adams and stood in front of the truck, reports said.

That's when Adams allegedly took off in his truck at a high rate of speed. Witnesses said Adams struck the mechanic with the front plow of his truck. 

Police believe that Adams and the mechanic knew each other.

Another witness who was across the street from Precision told investigators that they saw a truck leaving the parking lot with an older caucasian man sitting on the plow with his feet hanging below the plow.

The investigation continued and Girard police officers spoke to Adams on a recorded phone line on March 14. 

Adams told officers that Precision workers were banging on the windows of his truck. He expressed concern for the mechanic's health after the alleged incident. Adams also said that the mechanic eventually threw himself away from the truck. Adams claimed that the mechanic was never in front of the truck but did stand in front of it.

A Girard Municipal Court prosecutor and Girard police contacted the mechanic. The worker reportedly suffered a fractured rib, a dislocated hip and received stitches in their head. All injuries are believed to be a result of the accusations against Adams.

Girard police later executed a warrant for Adams' arrest and took him into custody.

Adams is facing one count of Aggravated Vehicular Assault.