In the Vatican, Pope Francis presided over a special prayer for Ukraine that focused heavily on peace between the country and Russia.

Francis invited bishops, priests and ordinary faithful around the world to join him in the consecration prayer.

The community gathered in support to pray for solidarity between Russia and Ukraine in this afternoon's mass at St. Columba Cathedral in Youngstown. 

"Imagine... throughout the world, everyone is praying at this time for the same purpose," Bishop David Bonnar said during the introduction of mass, "The Ukrainian people need us. They are counting on us."

During Bonnar's homily,  he addressed the Prayer of Consecration of Russia and Ukraine into the immaculate Heart of Mary, as Catholics also observe the Feast of Annunciation.

"The steady beating of the Immaculate Heart of Mary promises peace comfort and hope," he said, "and God knows there is a great need for peace and hope in Ukraine and Russia."

Those attending said they hope the people involved in the crises see some light at the end of the tunnel soon.

"I'm truly upset about it," Mary Fawcett of Mahoning County said, "In fact, it makes me cry when I think about it and so we came to mass today to offer some support and prayers for the Ukrainian people."

Mayor Tito Brown and other city leaders joined the mass as well.

"It's beautiful to see the universality of the church come together and to do our part here in Youngstown is really awesome," Jeffrey Mitch of Mahoning County said.