A Warren woman has been arrested and charged with felonious assault after a school bus driver told police she kicked him in the groin as he was picking up her children for class.

The charge was filed against 33-year-old Teauna Jenkins in Warren Municipal Court on Thursday.

The 52-year-old bus driver told the officer that Jenkins began yelling at him after her children got on the bus at Willow Drive SW and Michelle Avenue SW Wednesday morning.

According to the driver, Jenkins accused him of using her children to pass messages to her.

The driver told officers that there has been an ongoing issue with the children not already waiting at the stop when the bus arrived.

Jenkins stepped onto the bus saying she wanted to take her children home, according to the driver who claimed that Jenkins insulted him and threatened to kick him in the groin.

The driver says he told Jenkins that it is against school policy for other adults to get on the bus.

The police report says Jenkins’ son ran past the driver, getting off the bus as another woman got into the bus, reaching over the driver and removing her child.

It was then, according to the driver, that Jenkins kicked him in the groin.

Saying he felt nauseous, the driver called the police.

When officers arrived the two women had already left the bus stop.

They spoke with one woman who admitted to pulling her child off the bus.

Jenkins was not available.

An employee at the bus driver told the investigating officer how to go about obtaining video from the bus.

Police told the driver they would speak with the prosecutor about charging Jenkins.

Jenkins was arrested Monday and is being held in the Trumbull County Jail.