As Americans continue to pay higher prices at the pump, AAA East Central reports an uptick on the number of people running out of fuel.

During the month of March alone, roadside assistance representatives responded to over 1,000 calls reporting vehicles running out of gas.

AAA recommends that motorists always have at least a quarter tank of gas in their vehicles to avoid getting into this situation, stating that with gas prices rising, motorists are playing their luck by waiting longer to fill up.

"Running a vehicle's fuel tank when it's low isn't just hazardous, it can result in mechanical problems that cost more than the gasoline itself," said AAA East Central's Director of Public Affairs, Jim Garrity.

Filling up a vehicle when it hits a quarter tank ensures that there is enough fuel in the case of unexpected delays and also prevents fuel pump damage. When fuel pumps run close to empty regularly, the damage can cost as much as $500+ to repair.

AAA East Central has offered various tips on how to conserve fuel, in turn reducing pain at the pump. 21 News has compiled these tips here