DISCLAIMER: This story contains content that some viewers may find disturbing. Due to the graphic nature of the story, 21 News has chosen not to share pictures of the subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Mahoning County Dog Warden has reported that the partial remains of a deceased dog have been found in a wooded area near Austintown Friday evening.

According to a Facebook post from the warden, the warden was notified by Austintown Police that a dog crate was found in the woods near Mildred Street just off Lanterman Road behind the dog pound.

Pictures on Facebook show that the content of this crate included two rusty bowls filled with leaves and dirt, a dog collar with fur stuck to it, a plastic remote and the partial skeleton of a dog including a skull and some bones.

According to the Facebook post, the warden was horrified of this discovery stating there is "a lot of garbage out there in human form."

The dog warden says there is no way to know the cause of this dog's death for sure stating that the causes could have ranged from natural causes to the dog being starved to death in the crate.

It is unknown how the dog got there or how long the crate had been there.