A Lowellville woman who skipped a public indecency court hearing found herself in the Trumbull County Jail on Monday.

According to court records, 40-year-old Miranda Houk-Smith failed to appear in Trumbull Central District Court last month after Bazetta Township Police charged her and a Cortland man with public indecency.

Officers were called to the Walmart in Bazetta on May 21 when employees reported that two people in a van were engaged in sexual activity while parked in the store’s drive-thru pharmacy lane.

The police report says as the woman was undressing and the man was fondling her, the activity was being picked up by a store security camera.  Both employees and store customers could see a monitor showing what was going on inside the car, according to the report.

As police arrived, they say it appeared that the woman was putting her bikini top back on.

Both suspects, who told the officer they didn’t know they were on camera, were each issued a court summons to answer a citation for public indecency.

Rick Carnes, 65, of Cortland, pleaded not guilty and was released on $1,000 bond pending another court hearing set for next month. 

Houk-Smith was booked into the county jail early Monday and has yet to make her first court appearance.

Since Carnes showed up in court to answer the summons, he was not booked into jail.