If you've ever driven down Route 46 in Canfield, chances are, you've seen a friendly man in his yard waving at you as you drive by, and maybe even greeted him in return. 

That man is 40-year-old Christopher Wetzel. A happy-go-lucky autistic man who sets up a lawn chair in his yard every morning and waves at passerby as they drive by, often receiving greetings in return.

Wetzel tells 21 News the reason he does this every day is simply because he loves interacting with his community.

"It makes them happy [and] it makes me happy," Wetzel said.

Wetzel started this tradition with his mother as a young child. After his mother passed away, he's keeping the tradition alive hoping to bring smiles to the faces of everyone who passes by.

This practice has gained Wetzel some friends such as Patricia Housel who come to visit him from time to time to keep him company.

"This is an outlet for him to reach out to people and be social," Housel said.

Wetzel doesn't just greet everyone who drives by. He also keeps track of how many people honk and wave back at him per day, one day making it all the way to 594. Sometimes, he's even out as late as 9:00 p.m. waving at passerby.

Next time you drive down Route 46, you can count on Wetzel to be there to brighten your day.