Hubbard Police have confirmed that a recent excavation taking place in Farrell was in connection with their investigation into the disappearance of a city woman that occurred 45 years ago.

In a statement released on Saturday, police said that they are the lead agency in a multi-agency investigation into a cold case involving Billie Lynn Groff, who has been missing since July 4, 1977.

Along with Farrell, Pennsylvania Police, and the Mercer County District Attorney’s Office, heavy equipment has been excavating a site in Farrell with the consent of the landowner.

Police have denied rumors that several bodies have been located in Farrell.

Investigators have not said what led them to the site in Farrell.

Groff, who was 26 years old at the time of her disappearance, would be 71 years old now.

According to the Ohio Attorney General’s office, Groff was last seen by her husband on July 4, 1977, near Westview Avenue in Hubbard.

Police were told that Groff was speaking with a friend by telephone the same evening at about 10:00 PM, when she abruptly ended the conversation, stating “They are coming up the driveway, I have to go".

 It is unknown whom she meant by "they." Her husband and two children were attending the city's July 4 celebration at the time and returned about 11:00 PM. Her husband filed a missing person report two days later. She left all of her belongings and clothing behind.

Anyone with additional information or questions regarding this case should contact Hubbard Police Department at (330) 534-8153.