There's a new coffee shop in Niles with an important mission to help teens who struggle with their mental health.

It's a social enterprise, meaning the non-profit agency behind the initiative uses the revenue from coffee sales to fund programs that help young people succeed.

It's called the Cadence Coffeehouse & Creperie on 39 North Main Street in Niles, owned by the Cadence Care network right next door and it's officially in business.

It's the first of its kind in Trumbull County.

The shop will serve as a positive, welcoming atmosphere to employ teens with a mental health issue, teaching them valuable job skills while providing them with additional "resilience-based programs" to learn other things, like financial literacy.

"So they get a group that teaches them how to deal with the different things that happen when you're becoming an adult that are challenging," CEO of Cadence Care Network, Matt Kresic, said. 

It's 19-year-old Dustin's first day on the job and he couldn't be more grateful.

"This is just the biggest experience," he said, "It just makes me happy to get to meet new people, and get to do a job I love."

The Cadence Care network serves the youth when it comes to behavioral health and foster care. The network said they've seen referrals for mental health treatment almost triple over the last year.

The county said this program will help make a path and connections for those who need it.

"We know that giving kids a safe place to be, giving them the ability to feel needed and to feel like they're contributing really impacts their mental health positively," Executive Director of Trumbull County Mental Health & Recovery Board, April Caraway, said. 

The coffeehouse is currently open on weekdays, but Kresic said they do plan on expanding hours in the near future. 

For more information or to get involved, call the Cadence Care Network at 330-544-8005.