Mill Creek Metroparks is requesting one of the Valley's largest recycling drop-off sites relocate.

The Metroparks is requesting the Green Team location on Metroparks property across from the Canfield Fairgrounds, the third busiest location in the county relocate because the Metroparks needs that space for a new cross country project and parking lot.

Lou Vega of Green Team Mahoning County tells 21 News they're still on the lookout for a location close by.

"We're looking absolutely everywhere for a site that's relatively close to where they're at now. We know that's a very popular site. It's the third busiest in the county. We don't want to displace these recyclers," Vega said.

The Metroparks originally gave Green Team a deadline of August to have these bins removed, but that date has since been pushed later into the fall.

The new location will be announced once a spot has been secured.