A Sebring man is charged with murder after Sebring Prosecutor Gary Van Brocklin said 21-year-old Jacob Fullerton caused the death of his girlfriend's unborn baby after beating her.

"Our evidence supports the charge of murder," Van Brocklin said. 

He said Fullerton is charged with murdering his unborn baby after he allegedly repeatedly punched his girlfriend in the stomach knowing she was eight weeks pregnant.

Officials said the incident took place July 10th at Fullerton's West Tennessee Avenue home and the victim then went to the police with bruises.

The police report said Fullerton was hitting her in the "stomach and side area while she was on the ground after being hit."

Four days later, the victim's healthcare provider "...found that the baby did not have a heartbeat."

"On the 27th of June, they told her that she was about eight and a half weeks pregnant," Van Brocklin said, "We have evidence that she told Mr. Fullerton that she was pregnant. She has a child with Mr. Fullerton, a previous child."

Van Brocklin said although he can't recall a previous case like this happening in Sebring, the Ohio Revised Code sites a section in regards to murder charges stating "No person shall purposely cause the death of another or the unlawful termination of another's pregnancy."

"If you know someone's pregnant, and you punch them in the belly several times the law presumes that you intended the results of your actions," he said.

Jacob Fullerton is being held at the Mahoning County Jail and is expected in court Thursday.