Wheels are set in motion for a bike playground in Canfield.

A bicycle playground is a designated space that is meant to provide kids an area to develop skills and also have fun. Bike playgrounds include features such as bridges, rollers, tunnels, cones, and many other fun obstacles to build your cycling skills in a safe space. 

"With the close proximity to the Mill Creek MetroParks Trail, and with the future plans to connect the trail to other parts of Canfield, it was a no brainer to propose this use at Fair Park" explained City Manager Wade Calhoun.

The project came from Parks, Recreation and Cemeteries Board Member Lex Calder.

The project was quickly developed into more than just the bike playground, and will also include a feature known as a "pump track."

The goal of the proposed project is providing a space for cyclist of all ages to develop skills, and provide a recreation alternative to riding down the street. 

If grant funding is received the City will most likely move forward in 2023 with the construction of the bike playground, pending councils approval.