Last week's downpour that triggered major flooding in Boardman also caused damage to Boardman Local Schools. 

Boardman Center Intermediate School's boiler room was flooded with about 4 feet of water, which caused electrical panels and compressors to be submerged in water.

Superintendent Tim Saxton told 21 News the motors that run the building's heating and cooling system were also destroyed. 

"Our normal drainage couldn't keep up with the water," Saxton said. "Center's an older building and a lot of our controls were built back in the day below ground level. It was probably built around 1920. There's some major infrastructure, especially for the electrical feeds in that area."

Several parts are in the process of being replaced as the district works out a total cost that could reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"It's definitely an insurance claim and we're working through that," Saxton added. "The cost is to be determined because some of the items have come back on. We're worried about potential corrosion. Even though they may be working now, there's a possibility they could become defective in the future."

Saxton said the district is working with the district's electrical engineers and Ohio Edison but the board assumes most of the equipment in Center Intermediate's boiler room will have to be replaced.

At Tuesday's board meeting, board members spoke about the delays in equipment availability, which could affect the building's heating and air. 

"Our game plan now, in order to do the electrical work, we're going to have to go to an auxiliary power source to switch that over so it's safe and easy to work in that room," Saxton said. "Obviously as we approach cooler weather, we'll be prepared if we have to bring in an auxiliary heating source to make sure schools will be open."

The district will expedite equipment so it does not affect the building's heat when the temperatures drop for the season. 

The district also provided an update on how many students are enrolled in their online education program, Spartan Academy. Last year in total, 73 kids in the district utilized these services, and currently, only 17 students are staying online.