Authorities in Mahoning County are using mobile phone usage as key pieces of evidence to prosecute people buying or selling drugs.

The Mahoning County Violent Crimes Task Force this month began arresting thirteen women and three men charged with possessing criminal tools.

Those “criminal tools” according to a secret indictment are cell phones allegedly used to possess or traffic in drugs between September and December of last year.

As of Wednesday, the below suspects have been arrested


Samuel Albright

 Samuel Albright, 60, Youngstown


James Herdman

 James Herdman, 39, Youngstown


Stephanie Marino


Stephanie Marino, 35, Struthers


Terrin May

 Terrin May, 24, Youngstown


Victoria Patterson

 Victoria Patterson, 65, Youngstown


Roberta Reed

 Roberta Reed, 49, North Benton


Jessica Huff

Jessica Huff, 26, Niles


Tiara Robinson

 Tiara Robinson, 34, Boardman


Vanessa Robinson

 Vanessa Robinson, 51, Youngstown


Christine Smith

 Christine Smith, 40, Youngstown

The names of the three suspects not yet arrested were redacted from the secret indictment obtained by 21 News.

Treating mobile phones as criminal tools is not a new concept for prosecutors.

For several years now people accused of crimes such as prostitution, and human trafficking have been charged with “possessing criminal tools”.