Ohio 4th District Congressman Jim Jordan told Ohio voters to vote for J.D. Vance for U.S. Senate during a rally in support of former president Donald Trump at the Covelli Centre in Youngstown on Saturday.
Jordan, like other Republicans who spoke at the rally criticized the Biden administration for its handling of issues such as inflation, border control and increases in crime.
"We went from a secure border to no border. We went from stable prices to a 41 year high in inflation, we went from $2.00 gas to $5.00 gas and maybe most importantly we went from safe streets to record levels of crime," Jordan said.
"Not to mention what they're doing to your freedom, to your liberties, to our Constitution and Bill of Rights, most of all our First Amendment and Second Amendments," he continued.
"Joe Biden raided the home of a former president, took the phone of a sitting member of congress, called half the country fascist and extremists,"  Jordan added.
Jordan says this is the most important race in Ohio and he encouraged people to do everything they can by rencouraging family and friends to get out the vote for Vance.
Jordan encouraged people to not sit on the sidelines but to get in the game. He told the crowd if they want to accomplish things that have lasting value it takes time and effort, sacrifice, and work and a willingness to assume the risk of doing something worthwhile. 
He thanked the crowd for helping President Trump these past several years.
"No president has done more of what he said he would than President Trump, and he did it with everyone against him. Every Democrat was against him, half the republicans were against him and maybe most importantly the bureaucracy was against him," Jordan
"We have to make sure this is a  republican seat. We have to make sure a conservative like J.D. Vance is our next senator." Jordan emphasized. 
"We live in the greatest country ever, the left doesn't think that but it is the greatest country ever."
Jordan talked about how our country achieved in a short time frame advancements in flight.  
"In 66 years we went from two Ohioans being the first to fly around 120 feet,  to Neil Armstrong, an Ohioan walking on the moon.   This country did that. No other country could have accomplished that. The values and freedom we have allowed that to happen," said Jordan. 
"We live in the greatest country ever, that's why the next 52 days are important.  Over the next 52 days I want you to help J.D. Vance win," said Congressman Jordan."