Vindicator file photo / September  28,  1993 | Members of the Butler Tomorrow committee demonstrated an item from an art tech exhibit that converted sound waves into a visual image 29 years ago. From left, Theresa Dellick, Kyra Fleming, and Jan Strasfeld.

September 29 

1997: Mahoning County Sheriff Phil Chance unveils the department's bicycle squad, which will start patrols downtown and will later expand o the Youngstown State University area. Four deputies, all avid bicyclists, have volunteered for the patrol: James Brown, Chris Flak, David Moss, and Jerome Williams. 

Research grants awarded to Youngstown State University professors have expanded dramatically from 1989-90, when $98,000 was received, to 1996-97 and 1997-98, when $1 million and $800,000 was received. 

Mona Alexander, a Chicago native, recently named news director of WFMJ Channel 21, says Youngstown is a great place to live. She came to the area right out of college 18 years ago and worked for WKBN before moving to WFMJ.

1982: The Fraternal Order of Police and the International Association of Firefighters in Struthers agree to go without pay raises for a year in order to keep the city in the black.

Petitions bearing 15,000 signatures in support of New Wilmington farmer Edwin Lee who refuses to pay Social Security taxes on his Amish employees. 

U.S. Rep. Lyle Williams, R-19th, announces that the federal government has awarded a $2 million Urban Renewal Action Grant for a convention center that would span Federal Plaza. 

1972: Acting on a tip from an unidentified woman, New Castle police seize a vial of LSD with a street value of $300,000.

The Model Cities Joint Planning Council wants to meet with Youngstown Mayor Jack C. Hunter and council members to discuss what can be done to close some of the bars on Hillman Street. 

Citing dwindling revenue and increased expenses, Mill Creek Park commissioners say they will put a tax levy on the November ballot. 

1947: At least two Youngstown district steel companies have begun recruiting labor from southern Ohio cities to fill the acute labor shortage in the Mahoning Valley. 

A gang of 10 men wearing Army fatigues and carrying submachineguns rob the Mounds Club, a swank Lake County gambling resort, and hold up 200 people, escaping with cash and jewelry estimated at $200,000.

Pauline Taylor of Youngstown is elected director of the Ohio Chapter of Progressive Citizens of America during its first state convention in Cleveland.