Home fires can happen any time of year, but there are more during the fall and winter months when temperatures drop.
That's why New Middletown Fire Department invited the community in for an open house during National Fire Safety week.
On Saturday kids were taught fire safety with actions like stop drop and roll which teaches kids if their clothes catch fire cover their face with their hands and  to stop, drop, and roll
to smother the fire.
They got the opportunity to check out a fire truck and got to know some of their local first responders. In their gear firefighters can look intimidating so open house events like this one 
give children a chance to get to know firefighters.
Youngstown Public Library also partnered providing books on fire safety.
Fire safety is also critical for adults.
"If you have kids in the house, have a safety plan in place. You know a way to get out, go over it with our kids to make sure so they know where to go," said Lt. Michael Rilley.
Working smoke detectors are a must. If they're older model battery operated detectors, change the batteries every six months. 
Newer ones can last for up to ten years.
"Smoke detectors are so important. If your asleep at night, your not going to be awakened by smoke, but your more likely to be awakened by an alarm going off. It saves lives. It really does," EMS Coordinator  Denise Morlan-Bonish said.
It's good to place a smoke detector on each floor, and in your garage since regular gasoline operated cars can spark fires. Fire fighters say EV's or electrical vehicles can also pose a fire risk, the batteries can get to hot and catch fire. 
"At night when your sleeping I wouldn't leave it plugged in just for the simple face you run the chance of the battery overheating and causing a big problem," Rilley said.
Firefighters in our region say it takes huge amounts of water to put out EV battery fires.
The difference can be from 500 to 1,000 gallons of water for a gasoline powered vehicle while some electrical vehicle batteries can take 
30,000 to 45,000 gallons of water to flood the fire. 
Sand can also be used to help put out fires.
Traditionally foams do not work to extinguish an electrical vehicle fire. The lithium ion batteries make the fire difficult to extinguish.
If you depend on a space heater it's critical you have no curtains, clothing or furniture around it that can catch fire.
"Make sure you have an open space around it. If you leave the house unplug your space heater before you leave.
Getting your furnace checked is also helpful as well as having working fire extinguishers that you and your family know how to use.
Fire departments recommend shutting doors at night which can help keep a fire from spreading through a home so easily and could give you more time to escape.