Boardman Center Middle School students are feeling the effects of a September 4th flood that damaged the building's boiler system, particularly the last two days.

Recent cold temperatures could be felt in some of the classrooms, a problem school administrators are still working to fix.

21 News received several calls from concerned teachers, and parents telling us their kids are wearing hoodies and jackets to combat 50-60 degree temperatures in the classroom. 

Superintendent Tim Saxton says they have a temporary boiler in place that will be up in running in about two weeks, while they tend to the building's heating system.

"We're looking anywhere from 3-6 months for that to be completed, the auxiliary heat will heat the building.", Saxton explained.

With much warmer temperatures on the way next week, Saxton tells 21 News they wanted to wait to fire up the auxiliary system to avoid heating the building on those warmer days.  

In the meantime, excused absences will be granted to students whose parents have concerns, in addition 60 space heaters were placed throughout the building.

"If there were any hiccups or delays obviously we could take a look at doing some type of blizzard bags, or some type of remote learning if the temperatures were appropriate for it." Saxton added.

Despite the adjustment, Saxton believes having kids in school is the best way to go.

"Even with room temperatures maybe in the low 60s, maybe there is some in the high are learning more effectively and more engaged with our staff than if they were sitting at home." he concluded.

The school's auxiliary heating source was covered through a flood insurance claim.