With decades of history dating back to the WWII era in the 1940s, the historic Newton Falls Community Center is a staple to those in the Village.

On Wednesday evening, the public got a glimpse of plans to renovate the facility as it's now given this second chance at life.

Architects from Perspectus Architecture welcomed the public Wednesday to the Newton Falls Community Center as the 10,800-square-foot building will soon undergo a major renovation.

"Even when I was in school, our dances were here and our record club was here," explained Connie Smith Talcott, President of Heritage Accord, the non-profit that is raising funds for the project. "It was a very active building used by the community and I think there's a great need for that, still."

"We want to return as close to original as we can," Smith Talcott added. "We want it to be active again with all sorts of programs for the community."

Originally used as a USO building in the 1940s, this complex is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The building is 1 of 14 standing USO facilities from the WWII era and it is the only one in the State of Ohio. 

The facility closed its doors in 2015. Heritage Accord will fund this fixer-upper project entirely through donations.

"There's no government funding," Smith Talcott explained. "The city is not providing funding. We will all be fundraising."

The 4 phases in the project include repairing the structure, mechanical, electrical, and sewer systems, and making sure everything is up to code. 

The building is undergoing a Historic Structure Report which assists in the maintenance, conservation, restoration, and funding campaigns for the project. 

"It also helps us identify areas that need to be repaired or refurbished," Smith Talcott added. 

"We're not surprised to find out the building is pretty solid," said Brian Broadus, Senior Project Director with Perspectus Architecture. "The kinds of things that aren't working well right now are the kinds of things we would expect to wear out like the mechanical and electrical systems."

Once reopened, the complex will serve the community with performing arts events as well as educational programs and different activities.

"Our legacy is leaving it in the condition that the community will enjoy using and will remain part of the community for Newton Falls itself," Broadus said. 

Newton Falls Community Center will host an 80th Anniversary celebration on November 5th, 2022. The event will honor local veterans, active military and first responders.