You may remember the very beginning of 2022, when the City of Columbiana announced it would be keeping up its Christmas tree for a few more months because a movie was being filmed on Main Street.

That movie, titled 'An Angelic Christmas,' is now complete and the Main Street Theater in Columbiana hosted its red carpet premiere Friday evening.

Actresses a part of the film tell 21 News this is definitely a 'must watch as we get into the holiday season. The movie stars Karen Abercrombie who starred in the 2015 film, War Room. 

"To bring something this big to this community is fantastic," said Tammy Tsai, who plays Mrs. McCatty in the film. Tsai is also from East Palestine and said she's fortunate to have a movie premiere happen so close to home. 

"It just brings a sense of warmth, a sense of hope, and definitely a lot of love," Tsai added. 

"The film is about a town that's kind of lost its joy for Christmas," said Josh Menning, Director of the film. "One little girl goes to an antique store and finds this little angel tree topper. The angel comes to life and together they work to bring the joy back to Christmas for the town."

"It's just an example of the Spirit of God and just the love to show other people the spirit of Christmas," said Tori Gideon, who plays Loren in the film. 

"It's amazing being a part of this film," said Elizabeth Howlett, who plays Delainey in the film. "It tells the audience about Christ with the help of angels. It truly shows the Christmas spirit." 

The film was entirely shot in the City of Columbiana last winter. 

"With the community of Columbiana basically opening their doors to us during filming, it made everything really easy to go about the town, the different businesses and home and churches to really bring this thing to life," Menning said. 

"This film is just an opportunity to show more and more people about Jesus," Gideon added. 

"I think it just brings community," Tsai added. "It creates more community."

You can watch the film for yourself when it premieres on PureFlix November 18.