A very busy season of RSV and flu across the state and nation has The Ohio Department of Health voicing concerns about the surge of cases in children's hospitals.

The state laid out what parents need to watch for. State health officials warn families there is a significant increase in both RSV among kids and flu cases.

Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff said they're worried this early spike means "very high volume" in hospitals.

"The result, though, of an early and dramatic spike in RSV and now, overlapping rise in influenza, is high demands on our hospitals," Vanderhoff said. "Most especially in our children's hospitals."

Akron Children's Hospital in Boardman said "the numbers continue to rise each week," and they are seeing higher volume of patients which means higher wait times.

Vanderhoff reminds families RSV is spread through droplets that cause cold like symptoms and can spread through household surfaces.

Most people with RSV will not need to visit a hospital and infections typically resolve on their own, but babies and those with compromised immune systems could be at severe risk.

"Parents of infants with RSV should be especially alert for certain signs and symptoms like decreased feeding and activity levels, fever or wheezing," Vanderhoff said.

Vanderhoff said concerned parents should contact their medical provider promptly, and you should seek emergency care if you notice your baby has unusually fast breathing, ribs pulling with each breath or blueish lips or face.

To stop the spread it's important to keep sick kids home from school.

Vanderhoff said it's encouraging to see that some parts of the country that saw a spike in cases early on are now seeing RSV cases level off or even decrease which is a good sign.