A Youngstown woman is alive today but continues to relive the horror from a year ago when she was shot in the face by her boyfriend.

The events from that horrific night were re-told in court Tuesday just before the suspect was sentenced.

"After you pointed the gun to the back of my head I turned to grab our little boy to leave and without a care in the world you pulled the trigger inches away from our son," said the victim in a Mahoning County courtroom.

The victim pleaded in court, asking the judge to give Danny Duley, 46, the maximum possible sentence.

Duley was arrested in November of 2021 after that incident on South Schenley Avenue.

She survived but prosecutors say he intended to kill her if the gun didn't jam. The first shot hit her in the left temple. It all happened in front of their 5 year old son.

"The child was aware of what was going on and he had to stand there while his father shot his mother in the face," said Assistant Prosecutor, Caitlyn Andrews.

"As our son cried and screamed and asked why you shot his momma you told him it was because his mother had a boyfriend. Our son held me and cried, telling me that he loved me while watching me bleed," the victim added in court.

Duley's attorney argued for a lighter sentence than was being recommended, due to the circumstances surrounding his state of mind at the time.

"The victim point blank told Mr. Duley she was cheating on him and that he was going to take his kid from him. Seriously. There's very few things that can make somebody that emotionally distraught," said attorney Rhys Cartwright Jones.

Duley will serve ten years in prison.

He pleaded guilty on October 7th to felonious assault with a firearm specification and also a charge of domestic violence. Other charges were dropped in exchange for the plea.