Earlier this month, we told you about a stolen vehicle and police chase that ended with Niles Police cruisers being rammed and shots fired.

As it turns out, that incident may only be the tip of the iceberg.

Authorities in Niles are still looking for the man that stole a commercial truck, damaged several cruisers and was last seen in the Honda Hills trail system. However what police recovered at the seen, may have uncovered a potential theft ring.

"There has been several containers located on the back of the truck that apparently contain what seems to be diesel fuel.", said John Marshall, detective captain at the Niles Police Department.

Police also confiscated suction equipment at the scene. The truck belongs to Trumbull Foundry and alloy, the owner believes trucks like his are being used to steal diesel fuel.


"They had completely converted our truck, very makeshift, but very effectively into a vehicle that could pump a fair amount of diesel fuel out of a truck, home or business,", said Corey Jarvis, the owner of the business.

Jarvis says his $60,000 truck was converted in two days. He believes there are multiple people involved and that they are selling the diesel fuel.  

"Diesel fuel is five, six dollars per gallon, if they were able to steal 500 gallons in an evening--if they're selling it for three dollars a gallon, they are making $1500 dollars in an event.", Jarvis added.

DR Landscaping in Mineral Ridge tells me they've had two of their trucks stolen on three different occasions, one of them is still missing.  However police are still investigating.