The high school wing of Newton Falls Junior-Senior High School experienced flooding damage Christmas Eve.

According to a letter sent to parents by Interim Superintendent, Justin Christopher, the flooding was the result of an overhead fire suppression sprinkler freezing and busting.

It's been determined that high winds up to 70 miles per hour blew windows in the front of the high school building causing the pipe to freeze and burst.

Over 90% of the high school wing experienced flooding of over two to three inches of water. Two classrooms, the high school office and the high school gymnasium floor all suffered significant damage from the water.

Some classrooms in the north wing of the school also experienced some minor water damage.

Upon discovering the issue, the Newton Falls Joint Fire District arrived on scene and turned off the building's water. Additionally, a disaster restoration team showed up and has been working around the clock to clean and sanitize all the classrooms that experienced flooding.

In the meantime, alternative classroom arrangements have been made for classrooms that are unable to be occupied until fully restored.

Lordstown Schools have offered their gymnasiums to host JV and Varsity home games, and Labrae and Jackson Milton Schools have allowed the teams to use its basketball courts for practice.