Two local football teams and a golf state champ continued to be honored throughout the Valley for their historic state championship wins last month.

The Canfield Cardinals and South Range Raiders celebrated Monday with their teammates at a special event to recognize the players and the coaches for their win at Avion on the Water in Canfield.

"The tradition goes back to 1959 when we first started the organization," said Frank Nolasco with the Curbstone Coaches.

The Curbstone Coaches honored the two teams for their undefeated seasons and first football state championships in the school's history. The event was hosted by 21 WFMJ's Sports Director Dana Balash.

"This is probably the biggest event we've ever held on a high school level," Nolasco said. "To have two teams here, South Range and Canfield, and the Cardinal Mooney golf champion."

Mooney Golf Champion Rocco Turner was also recognized for his win. "It's an honor to be here, and I'd like to thank my team and coaches for the support," Turner said. He started golfing when his grandfather introduced the sport to him when he was young.

Both football coaches are still taking in the excitement.

"It's exciting to be here with the Curbstone Coaches and having a number of our players and coaches to celebrate what they're accomplished in the last year," said Dave Pavlansky, Canfield Football Coach.

"It's been busy because we've had some college coaches come in looking at some kids and fitting for rings," explained Dan Yeagley, South Range Football Coach. "So it's been really, really busy this last month."

The Curbstone Coaches have been pretty busy this year because they honor the teams that earn state championships, celebrating Canfield, South Range, and Turner.

"Last year, I was fortunate to be on the wrestling team that won it, and it's cool to be back here," said Christopher Colucci, a lineman with Canfield. "We're really proud to have everyone come out tonight and have the support in the community."

"It means a lot obviously to our players, our program, and our community," Pavlansky said. 

"I'm still pinching myself to see what it's really like; I mean, it's unbelievable," Yeagley said.

It was announced in the New Year that the Cardinals and Raiders would play each other in the 2023 season, the first time in both teams' history.