Brookfield Police have arrested a man suspected of stealing coins from vending and skill game machines in two counties.

Omer Rotelli, 38, of Mercer, Pennsylvania was booked into the Trumbull County Jail Thursday on new charges of passing bad checks and receiving stolen property.


 Rotelli was already wanted for allegedly using a pry bar to break into a candy machine and stealing the change at a Masury laundromat on Ulp Street on December 28.

After posting security video on Facebook, Brookfield Police say they got a call from Shenango Township Police identifying the Red Saturn and Rotelli as its owner.


 The day before the laundromat coin theft, the owner of a store in Mercer posted security images of a man accused of breaking into to skill game machines, stealing more than $800 in cash and causing $500 damage to the machines.


 Police in Mercer Borough have charged Rotelli with theft and criminal mischief in connection with that incident.

Brookfield Police say the cost to repair the damage to the laundromat’s candy machine is likely more than the amount of money taken from it.