21 News has covered many stories about dog kennels and their plea for help while struggling with limited space and the influx of stray dogs.

But for the Trumbull County Dog Warden and Kennel, those issues may come to an end as one local man's dying wish provided them with a sizable donation.

Curtis Quiggle of West Farmington, who died in February 2020, left behind $209,600 for the dog kennel to continue housing and feeding dogs in need. 

Executive Dog Warden, Michelle Goss says the contribution was a surprise and their commitment to protecting animals aligned with each other.

"He just believed in what we do here. He believed in our goals and our mission here. He was an avid animal lover and he wanted to help out," Goss said. 

The warden plans to primarily use the donation to find a new facility. Overcrowding is just one of the obstacles they are facing with 20 and only fourteen kennels available inside this small building.

Goss says this is one of the biggest donations the pound has received.

As they search for a new location, Goss says they plan to continue upholding the mission that inspired Quiggle to give back: helping all the animals they can in Trumbull County.