Those looking to see a planetarium show at Youngstown State University will still have quite a long wait following a recent fire.

According to Ward Beecher Planetarium Engineer and Producer, Curt Spivey, planetarium staff are still in the process of getting vendors out to evaluate the damages to see what equipment needs replaced and what equipment is still working.

Once they determine what needs to go and what can stay, as well as determine how much insurance will cover and how much insurance will cover and how much needs to come out of pocket, staff will have a clearer idea for a time frame for when the planetarium will reopen.

Spivey tells 21 News while there is no time frame right now, repairs could take at least several months.

Spivey also gave an update on the condition of the planetarium telling us they're also working to replace the ceiling behind the dome, as some of the rafters are still scorched.

"The ServPro people have finished inside and it still smells like smoke, but it's dry now. The water damage is what we're most concerned about right now," Spivey said.