There is a fight taking place and it's not at the Covelli Centre, but amongst the Covelli family.

The granddaughter of the late Albert Covelli has filed a lawsuit against Covelli's daughter claiming breach of Grandchildren's Trust which was set up by the late Covelli and his wife Josephine.

The case was filed in US District Court Northern District of Ohio in Cleveland by Lauren Devaux of Norfork County Massachusetts against her aunt and Albert's daughter, Annette Ford of Cuyahoga County, and Jennifer Savage.

Devaux is seeking an excess of $75,000 from a trust set up for the grandchildren. 

The civil case was filed in Judge Charles Fleming's court.

Albert Covelli moved to Warren in 1959 to open up his first McDonald’s restaurant. Covelli Enterprises opened McDonald’s restaurant franchises in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

In 1997, Covelli sold its interest in McDonald’s and began franchising Panera Bread restaurants.